What Distinguishes A Label From A Sticker?


Many people may have heard of the word custom food label stickers, which is available in many products’ instruction papers. Ordinary people think labels and stickers are the same; but they are not the same. Both the sticker and label contain pictures and information about the products. There are some similarities between a label and a sticker; however, there are huge differences between these as well.

In this article, we will read the basic definition of the label and sticker, alongside their similarities and differences. Technically, comparing a label and sticker is the same as comparing a car and a truck. This is why it is vital to identify these sticky papers.

Definition Of The Label:

Labels are applied to food products, packaging, boxes, shelves, and envelopes. Labels are applied to food products, packaging, boxes, frames, etc. The materials used for creating labels are thinner, so peeling them off later is easy. Labels are of two types, roll labels, and sheet labels. Roll labels are used mainly through manufacturing factories for large volumes of consignments or packing. Sheet rolls are easily applied by hand and used in small businesses or e-commerce.

Definition Of The Sticker:

Stickers are something unique and used as part of kawaii aesthetic accessories. They are digitally designed and printed to be used for brand promotion, distribution, club activities, etc. They do not have any specific usage or objective, and they can be used wherever you want. After the completion of sticker making, all the maker do is sell it to whoever wishes to buy it. After the purchase, it is solely up to the buyer how he wants to use the sticker. Whether the buyer uses it for journalling or other purposes is always uncertain.

Similarities Between A Label And Sticker:

Both labels and stickers are glued as they are used for sticking, and the labels and stickers have a paper backing to protect the adhesive from the vinyl material.
The equipment used for these two is always the same except for the layout or material.

Differences Between A Label And Sticker:

As mentioned before, the labels are created for the promotional and informative means to specific products, unlike the stickers.

  • Sticker sizes and shapes can be designed as per the creator’s mind. Labels are created within a specific measurement according to the shape and size of the product.
  • While the sticker is all about the design, a label is solely information based.
  • Stickers are mainly used for decoration, while the labels are used for business purposes only.


While labels and stickers may look the same, however, its purpose and usage are entirely different. Stickers are hardly used for business purposes, but the success of product revenue is also based on the product label.


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