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Aesthetic Appeal: Add Art in Bathroom Renovations

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Do you want to make it look unique and stylish? If yes, consider adding art to your bathroom renovation project. Many homeowners must realize the bathroom can be a great place to showcase art. Your bathroom can become a relaxing and inspiring space with the right artwork.

According to a survey conducted by online art marketplace Artfinder, 76% of respondents said they would hang art in their bathroom, and 64% said they already do. Additionally, a study by Zillow found that homes with “spa-like” bathrooms sold for an average of 7.5% more than homes without those features. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of adding art to your bathroom renovation project and provide some tips on incorporating it.

Why Add Art to Your Bathroom Renovation?

1. Adds a Personal Touch

One of the best things about adding art to your bathroom is that it allows you to express your style. You can choose artwork that reflects your personality and complements the overall theme of your home. Adding art to your bathroom will make it feel like a more personalized space, not just another boring one.

2. Elevates the Aesthetic Appeal

Artwork can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. It can add color, texture, and visual interest to an otherwise plain space. Working with a modern bathroom remodeling expert, your bathroom can become a place where you and your guests enjoy spending time.

3. Increases Property Value

Investing in artwork for your bathroom renovation project can also increase the value of your home. Art is an investment that can be appreciated over time, and potential buyers may be willing to pay more for a home with unique and well-curated artwork.

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Tips for Incorporating Art in Your Bathroom Renovation

1. Choose Art That is Resistant to Moisture

Bathrooms are humid environments, and artwork that is not resistant to moisture can get damaged quickly. When selecting artwork for your bathroom, select water-resistant or sealed pieces to protect them from humidity and moisture.

2. Consider the Size and Placement

When choosing art for your bathroom, consider the space’s size and the artwork’s placement. You can use larger art pieces to make a statement if you have a large bathroom. On the other hand, if your bathroom is small, select smaller pieces that can be grouped. As for placement, consider hanging art on the wall opposite the toilet or above the bathtub.

3. Choose Art That Complements the Theme

The artwork you choose for your bathroom should complement the space’s overall theme and color scheme. For example, if you have a beach-themed bathroom, you might choose artwork featuring seascapes or ocean life. Similarly, if you have a modern bathroom, you might choose abstract artwork with bold colors.

4. Mix and Match

Feel free to mix and match different types of artwork. Mix different styles, colors, and textures to create a cohesive and interesting look. For example, pair a modern abstract painting with vintage photographs or botanical prints.

5. Make it Functional

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the artwork you choose for your bathroom can also serve a functional purpose. For example, you might choose a large mirror with an interesting frame that doubles as a piece of art. Or, you might opt for a wall-mounted sculpture serving as a towel rack.


Adding art to your bathroom renovation project is an easy and effective way to elevate the space’s aesthetic appeal. It allows you to express your style, increase the value of your home, and create a relaxing and inspiring space. When choosing artwork for your bathroom, select pieces that are resistant to moisture, complement the theme of the space, and mix and match different styles and textures.


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